197. The Six Conversations with Dr. Heather Holleman

Conversations are a crucial life skill.  They are literally the way in which we communicate with one another, relate to each other, and feel seen, valued, and heard.  It’s something we start practicing as soon as we begin to talk.  Even so, we struggle to be able to have deep, meaningful conversations with others; especially with strangers.  But what could happen if we were able to change that?  What could we learn from each other if we were able to learn to listen well and communicate well with people?  As it turns out, Dr. Heather Holleman has discovered that there are six primary topics that we, as humans, prefer to converse about.  This week, she joins John to discuss her new book The Six Conversations: Pathways to Connecting in an Age of Isolation and Incivility.  Today they talk through the four mindsets, the three fresh goals, and the six types of conversations that you can use to build deep, warm relationships both with your mentees and with any other person you encounter.

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