194. Forerunner Mentoring Coaches Roundtable Takeover

At Forerunner Mentoring, they help boys meet their potential and become Men of God through implementing after school mentoring programs in the local public schools and matching students who don’t have father figures with a one-on-one mentor.  To facilitate those programs, they employ “coaches” in their after school programs.  The job of these coaches is to mentor the students in group settings, each working with a specific grade or group of kids.  As is the case with working with any group of kids, discipline is a constant element of these programs, and each coach handles that discipline in a slightly different way within the guidelines at Forerunner.  In our most recent series, Josh took over the podcast to talk with each of the coaches about the why behind their mentoring activities.  For the season finale of You Can Mentor, Josh brings all of them back for one massive roundtable where they talk about anything and everything mentoring.  Listen in this week to hear Josh, Joel, Ryan, Jamari, and Holden talk about some crazy topics including the strengths and weaknesses of each coach, their experiences in program, integrity within mentoring, and how mentors who aren’t involved in mentoring alongside each other can gain and benefit from the same type of community that we coaches do.

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