191. Why I Mentor with Maxwell Owen from Forerunner Mentoring

When someone thinks about mentoring, they think about the child.  They think about the benefit they’re receiving of having somebody guide them and show them the way.  They think about the growth of the child and the potential they have.  They may even think about the experiences the mentee may have.  Rarely, however, do they think about the relationship from the perspective of the mentor.  They may acknowledge the mentor’s presence and intentionality, but they don’t typically think about the humility and sacrifice the mentor has had in order to continue to show up.  At Forerunner Mentoring, the core value of the organization is “Relationships Change Lives”.  It’s the idea that by investing in kids, their lives are forever being changed.  But that investment goes both ways.  The mentor benefits just as much from the relationship as the mentee does.  Maxwell Owen, one of Forerunner’s one-on-one volunteer mentors (not a coach in the after school mentoring program) joins Josh this week on his summer takeover series to talk about spontaneity in mentoring, modeling humility, the benefits he’s seen in himself from mentoring, and why he chooses to volunteer as a mentor.

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