190. Why I Mentor with Holden Royals from Forerunner Mentoring

Mentoring boys without father figures means playing the role of the father in that boy’s life, while simultaneously acknowledging that you are NOT their father.  With that unique position is an ability to have hard conversations with them and to lead them in the path of righteousness.  But in order to be effective in doing those things, you first need to be modeling them in your own life.  Leading a boy in his walk with Jesus means pursuing your own walk with Jesus first.  Leading a mentee in integrity means walking a life of integrity.   These are the themes that Holden Royals touches on in this week’s episode.  Forerunner’s 4th-5th grade coach, Holden Royals joins Josh on his summer takeover to talk through a lot of theology, his personal bible study habits, having direct and candid conversations with his boys as a rebuttal to Hell’s own direct attacks, and his why behind mentoring.

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