189. Why I Mentor with Jamari Maloy from Forerunner Mentoring

One of the coolest moments in a mentoring relationship is to see the fruit of your labors start to flourish.  When you get dragged down by the details of the current situation or start to think that you haven’t made an impact on your mentee, it can be hard to focus on the positive or to wonder why you’re doing it in the first place.  In those moments, looking back at where your relationship started and comparing it to where you are now can be insightful and encouraging.  It can give you the motivation to keep going and pressing in to the hard times.  Jamari Maloy has a story from the perspective of the mentee and the growth he saw.  He joins Josh on his summer takeover “Why I Mentor” series to talk through his experiences as a Forerunner that then joined the team to mentor younger students, the things he’s learned and grown in through being a Forerunner coach, and why he jumped into being a coach right after he graduated high school and the Forerunner program.

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