187. Why I Mentor with Caitlyn Moudy from Forerunner Mentoring

Mentoring in a group setting takes on a whole new set of challenges compared to individual mentoring.  You show up and pour into multiple kids all at the same time.  You need to be able to see not just the needs of one person, but multiple kids simultaneously and meet those needs all at the same time.  You get pulled in multiple directions and need to be able to handle that all with grace and poise.  It’s a challenge, but it’s also incredibly rewarding to get to see the growth of each student and the fruit of the seeds you’ve been planting throughout the year.  This week, Caitlyn Moudy, the instructional coach in Forerunner Mentoring’s K-6 After School Mentoring Program joins Josh on his summer takeover to talk through how her role as a mentor has evolved in the last three years, who on Forerunner’s staff has poured into her, some fire scriptures that hit home for mentors and teachers, and why she shows up every day to mentor the boys at Forerunner.
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