186. Why I Mentor with Joel McMillan from Forerunner Mentoring

Mentoring can look like many different things.  Sometimes you’re pouring into a single relationship with a child.  Sometimes it’s multiple kids at the same time in a group setting.  Sometimes you’re not even mentoring a child; you’re mentoring an adult.  At the end of the day, the demographic of your mentee is irrelevant, because mentoring isn’t about WHO your mentee is.  It’s about the relationship you’re building with them, through the ups and the downs, the best and worst, the mistakes, the lessons, and the wins.  Mentoring is something that takes intentionality, and every mentor has a reason why they do that.  Joel McMillan is the K-6 Site Lead at Forerunner Mentoring, and joins Josh on his summer takeover to talk through his own mentoring journey, including some pretty crazy encounters with God, having a sense of his calling even before becoming a Christian, working with adults battling addiction, and mentoring kids from hard places in the name of Jesus at Forerunner Mentoring.
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