185. Why I Mentor with Bailey Willis from Forerunner Mentoring

If you are currently in a mentoring relationship, stop right now and think about this question:  Why?  Why are you mentoring?  Why do you choose to wake up and poor into one or more kids and lead them into adulthood?  What is the benefit to you?  Chances are, you have some kind of personal story that answers those questions.  Maybe you grew up in a family that was abusive and you didn’t have anybody to guide you.  Maybe you grew up in the stereotypical suburban, white picket fence home and you want to pay it forward.  Maybe you’re somewhere in between in that story.  Regardless, you have a story.  So do the coaches at Forerunner Mentoring.  Each and every coach in Forerunner’s After School Mentoring Program has some kind of why behind them taking on the role to mentor students in Lake Highlands, and we want to tell those stories.  Josh Manning, the editor of the You Can Mentor podcast continues his takeover this week with Forerunner’s Family Ministry Coordinator, Bailey Willis, as his guest to hear her “why” for mentoring.

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