182. One Night In A Thousand Years with Craig Cunningham

The most amazing thing about books is their versatility.  They have been used to record history, communicate new ideas, spark controversy, and promote peace.  They have the ability to teach you a new line of thinking or to transport you to an entirely new realm.  They are fundamental to human communication.  And yet, only roughly 4% of the world’s population actually takes the time to read a physical book consistently.  Even though that’s an astonishingly low statistic, that doesn’t stop Craig Cunningham from writing; and from writing prolifically.  He believes in telling stories that matter and has written for tv, film, music, and literature.  He has directed films and commercials, worked as the editor-in-chief of a magazine, led creative teams for brands, served on a church staff, and worked as a pure freelancer.  This week, Craig joins John to talk through his book One Night in a Thousand Years, the meaning of the title, his creative process, and why he believes telling stories is important.

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