181. Unsung Heroes: Seven-Foot Banana with Gabriel Prusmack

“Mentorship is amazing; it’s discipleship at it’s finest.”  More true words could not be spoken.  If you look at Jesus’ ministry, it WAS mentorship with his disciples.  He was teaching them a new way of life.  He taught them new ways to approach old situations.  He changed their perspective.  When that’s done well, it impacts both people in a mentoring relationship.  Gabriel Prusmack, a local artist in Galveston, TX speaks these words in this week’s episode of Unsung Heroes.  He joins John to talk through his inspiration for his artwork, how he got started making art, and who the unsung heroes are in his life that have influenced both his artwork and his walk with Christ.  Tune in to also find out what a seven foot banana has to do with anything on this topic.

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