180. Freedom From Pornography and The Healing Church with Sam Black from Covenant Eyes

70% of men and a third of women say they are currently struggling with unwanted sexual behavior.  According to the Matrimonial Lawyers Association, in 56% of divorce cases a major contributing factor is one spouse's obsessive use of pornography.  Even more sobering, the average age of first exposure to hard core pornography for a child is 11-12 years old, which means on average a child has been exposed to pornography before they've even reached junior high school.  The sad reality is that pornography is pervasive in our world and highly addictive.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on women, trafficks them, and abuses them. Even worse, nobody is having the conversation about the dangers of porn; either because they don't know of them or they don't care.  Yet, the problem of unwanted sexual behavior is surprisingly common.  Sam Black is on the mission to change that.  He is Director of Recovery Education at Covenant Eyes, which is a resource that aids in online accountability for people seeking to find freedom from unwanted sexual brokenness, and the author of The Healing Church, What Churches Get Wrong About Pornography and How To Fix It.  He joins Stephen this week to have an incredibly vulnerable conversation around pornography, the challenges addressing it in churches, and how you as a mentor can support your mentee and have conversations with them around sex and the dangers of pornography.

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