178. The Value Of The Gap Year with Tammy from The Gap at Sawmill Meadow

One day, your mentee is going to turn 18 and graduate high school.  Chances are, they’re going to go through a period as a new adult where they will have no idea what to do.  There will be so many questions coming at them that they feel they need to have an answer for.  Where are you going to college?  What are you going to major in?  How will you pay for that?  What happens if it’s too difficult?  Some of these questions come from other people.  Some of them are questions your mentee is already facing within themselves.  Even worse, trying and failing in college is something that can generate a significant amount of shame in them.  Sadly, all too often, new adults don’t get taught that it’s ok to take a gap year.  They don’t HAVE to go to college right away.  John is here this week with his guest Tammy Dorsett from The Gap at Sawmill Meadow to talk through what it looks like to run a program that supports new adults as they transition into adulthood, support them in discovering themselves and their goals, and doing all of this in a faith-based way that roots their participants in a deep faith that carries them into adulthood.

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