Who is the most influential person in your life?  For most people, the answer is one of their parents.  For some people, it's a mentor who spent countless hours pouring into them and teaching them how to be the person that they are today.  Maybe it's a friend.  Everybody has somebody who's impacted their life in a significant way.  It's inevitable given that we are by nature relational beings.  So who influences the influencers?  Who mentored the people who are now mentoring the next generation?  John is back this week with Mike Herrera, the lead vocalist and bass guitarist of MxPx, the frontman of Tumbledown, the bassist of Goldfinger, an old school skater, and podcaster in his own right.  This week, they dive into Mike's story and reminisce about skating at different skate parks, writing songs and making music, who Mike credits with mentoring him throughout the years, and how his own parents' influence helped steer him down the path of musicianship as a career.

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