173. How God Uses Broken People: Reframe, Redeem, Restore

If you feel like you're not good enough to mentor, you're in good company.  So many of the Bible's characters had serious character flaws.  Peter denied Jesus three times, even after adamantly telling the Lord that he would never do so.  Moses was a murderer.  David, a man after God's own heart, was a murderer and an adulterer.  At the end of the day, we're all broken people; and yet God still can and does use us.  Time and time again, both in the Bible and in our current time, God uses the most unlikely people for the greatest impacts.  The same holds true for mentoring.  You may feel like you're not qualified to mentor, but the truth is none of us are.  God still uses us anyways.  Zach is back with John this week to talk through lies that mentors believe, and encourage you with the biblical truths that counteract those lies.

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