“With is greater than for.”  That’s a quote that has a lot of meanings, but in this case, it carries the idea that doing life WITH God is greater than doing life FOR God.  Our most meaningful interactions with God, whether a quiet time, fasting, silence, prayer, or any other spiritual discipline, tend to occur when we’re doing them with God instead of for God.  So what does this have to do with mentoring?  Well, everything.  Just like our relationships with God are built stronger when we’re doing things with God, the same holds true for our mentoring relationships.  Doing things WITH your mentee is undoubtedly going to teach them more than if you’re just doing things FOR your mentee.  Which is where projects come in.  Having a goal or project to accomplish with your mentee can help you grow closer.  John is back flying solo this week to unpack these ideas and give some practicals on how you can use the power of practicals to grow closer to your mentees. 

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